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Mars Hydro FC4800 LED Grow Light Review

Made by the guys over at Mars Hydro, this is a very impressive bar style LED grow light. Mars Hydro have been producing high-quality horticultural lighting for a long time. The FC Series grow light is the newer generation of the previous TS Range.

Measuring a generous 82cm x 82cm; this LED Grow Light is perfectly at home in a 120cm x 120cm grow tent providing balanced & uniform light coverage for the whole area.

The Mars Hydro FC4800 uses six bars of LEDs that consume roughly 80 watts each for a total of 480 true watts. This is not to be underestimated. This is a powerful grow light, and luckily it’s fully dimmable too making it suitable all throughout the entire grow cycle. 

All in all, the Mars Hydro FC48000 is a high-performance LED grow light made with high-quality components. It features 2070 premium quality Samsung & Osram LEDs so you can expect quality results from this very well-priced fixture.

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