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Karma Horticulture K4000uv LED Grow Light Review

Having first seen the Karma Horticulture K4000uv in early 2022, I couldn't wait to get my hands on one. This, the most powerful LED Grow Light from Karma Horticulture is pretty damn impressive. 

Measuring around 76cm x 67cm this impressive fixture will be nicely at home in a 120cm x 120cm tent but it's easily capable of covering a 150cm x 150cm space too. Don't let its compact size fool you. This is one very powerful LED Grow Light. 

It's fully dimmable and adjustable making it super easy to control and suitable for all grow spaces & seasons. It consumes 480w while on full power so this pulls it into direct competition with the SF4000 from Spider Farmer and the Mars Hydro TS3000. But honestly, the Karma Horticulture K4000uv puts them both to shame. 

The K4000uv features market-leading energy efficiency, vastly superior build quality & a fantastic UV feature, bathing your plants in delicious UV rays at just the flick of a switch. No other LED Grow Light can do this. 

The clever folks at Karma Horticulture fitted this LED Grow Light with 4 separate circuits, meaning that each quadrant can be controlled independently with a UV switch on each one. This is awesome for mixed strain grows or A/B tests with plants side by side. 

In addition to these 4 independent UV spectrum switches, this very special LED Grow Light features an abundance of 4000K Samsung LM301b LEDs, 660nm Osram reds and an array of Seoul UV's making it the premium choice for flowering plants.

Of all the LED Grow Lights I have reviewed, the Karma Horticulture K4000uv is a real stand out and its refreshing to see a company push the boundaries and try to do things differently. 

A five star recommendation from us. Get yours while you can. 

Good Karma indeed.

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