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Red or Dead?

Since the launch of the next generation of LED grow lights, we've had a few calls and email from customers with regards to broken or dull red diodes. 

Well fear not. They are niether broken nor dull. They are working just as the manufacturer intended. These 660nm, 740nm and 410nm diodes are literally on the cusp of what is visible with the human eye. So although they look dull to you and me, they are not dull to your plants. 

The rainbow coloured bit in the middle is the colours that we can see. The Deep Purple 410nm, the Deep Red 660nm and the Dark Red 710nm all sit just on the edge of this - which is why they seem dull or broken. You should see a very slight illumination, but not a bright glow. So relax & chill. They are working exactly as they are supposed to.